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Wednesday, 23-May-2012 11:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Credit agency liaison faking a crime that the robb

In new network Xinzhou on January, 31, (Wen Xiaojun) 31, Dingxiang County of Shanxi province police in only 16 hours and uncovered by the suspect self-directed,christian louboutin shoes, carefully planned with false report the robbery, involving more than 54 yuan.
Ten thirty-five in the morning of January 30th, Dingxiang County of Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau Command Center received a report that morning, about ten ten, Zhang Mou (male, 62 years old, Dingxiang County wealth in the rural village of the village, the rural credit cooperatives Liaison) driving a white minibus to by Paul credit agency business.
When traveling to the north line of 2 km + 300 meters, in a black SUV intercept,Louboutin Shoes, down from the car two young men, one of them will be Zhang eyes blindfolded, one will be carrying 50 yuan in cash away, after the getaway car.
After the alarm, the Xinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Dingxiang County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to develop a case investigation.On site seriously exploration and repeated the experiment, the project team leader also organized survey summary, case analysis, found the situation of informant report inconsistent with the actual situation, contradiction, doubtful point is heavy, indications that the case may be false cases.
January 31st - 2 a.m., police task force we organized to interrogation, and suspect Zhang had a heated confrontation, and a large number of facts, evidence of iron is placed before, according to Zhang explained the system false report the robbery.
It is reported, the suspect Zhang engaged in credit agency liaison officer for sixteen years, during this period, had embezzled others deposits used to usury and their expenses and other expenses,christian louboutin uk, days and months multiplying, producing nearly 200000 yuan to make up the deficit.
During the 2012 Spring Festival,Louboutin Outlet, because the deposits amount is huge, Zhang produced the deposit take forcible possession of greed to read aloud, so elaborate plan, want to use newspaper trumped-up case will take forcible possession of this deposit.
Nine twenty in the morning of January 30th Xu, Zhang driving a white minivan from their homes, looking for faking a crime the lot, nine forty PM, on the north by Paul Village is a private gas station to refuel after travelling to three Yao line section of the village of soup,christian louboutin,christian louboutin shoes, find out where the traffic flow and the larger flow of people, not for faking a crime.
On the same day at around ten twenty, had to return to north line,christian louboutin pas cher, running to the north line of 2 km + 300 meters, found here four unmanned, he faked robbery scene.Ten thirty-five, Zhang stopped people use mobile phone to report, claiming its were two young men were driving a black SUV intercept, stole cash 50 yuan, a mobile phone.
On January 31st at three fifty in the morning, the police in handling cases according to law, from the criminal suspects Zhang found hiding in the back room of the bed and East house food in the urn cash totaling 543650.
6 yuan and the hiding of a mobile phone.So far, which lasted 16 hour "1.30" robbery mystery white in the world, the case of false.At present,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the suspects Zhang Runzhang has been controlled, the case is in farther cognizance.
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Woman claiming to customer after drinking the rape

Wanggive small hairdressing SMS ( Nanhai network reporter Chen Wang photo) the United States in the Haikou Longhua Public Security Bureau police do accept ( Nanhai network reporter Chen Wang photo) South China net Haikou on January 11th news ( Nanhai network reporter Chen Wang) little (a pseudonym) is a Haikou liquor sales ,during a dinner with clients ,their drunk unconscious ,by Haikou a company boss claimed to save 27 years .
In January 11th, the United States tell Nanhai network reporter ,she is raped ,now already had nearly four months pregnant ,christian louboutin pas cher,she hoped the police can give yourself a claim ,the perpetrators of violence restrain by law .
Woman with drunk ,wake up naked in bed the night of September 23, 2011 ,due to business relations ,christian louboutin shoes,the United States to Haikou some company bosses send wine ,the company boss Wang was invited to the United States to Haikou Haidian island One Hotel eating at the table ,and 6 ,7 people,everyone turns to little toast ,a liquor ,then it is wine ,after a few drinks ,you find yourself drink muddled, slowly loses consciousness .
The very next day morning 9 when make ,you open your eyes to see ,find the surrounding environment is very strange, is a man bedroom .Then ,she quickly check your body ,found himself was naked, and also some dull .
The United States immediately realized what happened last night ,there is no one in the room ,her clothes are stacked neatly on the side ,so the United States rapid wear clothes to leave the house .
Men short message apologizing ,pain in a woman wants to commit suicide after the incident ,the United States received the company boss Wang apologize message ,hope you can forgive him, also promised to help us to go to the hospital to repair the hymen .
For the possession of his own body man ,happy feeling very sick and disgusting ,christian louboutin,of Wang ignore .Due to concerns about the reputation of the issue ,Louboutin Outlet,the United States did not timely alarm .
1 months later ,the United States found themselves not to menstruation, go to the hospital to check to know pregnant .She suddenly felt all thoughts are blasted. ,had several Dutch act idea ,but was persuaded to give up the idea of friends .
Wang Mei pregnancy after that ,frequently give small hair short message ,to settle ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,destroyed the belly of the child .The United States to Wang attitude ,very tired ,is still not talking .
In the blink of an eye !The United States has been nearly four months pregnant ,she didn ,in a friend January 6, 2012, the United States finally plucked up the courage to the Haikou Longhua Public Security Bureau police .
Save 27 years first was seized, hope the police also .I am a very conservative woman , first was an old man killed, it how can I face the future life .The United States painfully tells a reporter ,she is 27 years old this year ,read had been in love once ,but there has not been a relationship .
Her role is his for her future husband .Unexpectedly !She was a client raped .According to the United States ,she is a Haikou brand of liquor sales clerk ,because working relation understanding Haikou a company boss Wang ,Wang through her purchased the company 2000 yuanwine ,christian louboutin shoes,they met 4,5times,and colleagues in the company had dinner together .
In her impression ,Wang is a responsible man ,because they are in communication, Wang many times about his daughter and wife .The evening of September 23rd ,when colleagues physically uncomfortable ,she had to separate the appointment, but had she beat all scene .
Wang since rape me ,they should be punished by law ,why do I report date, police did not arrest .The United States indissolubles the ground says ,stomach day big, she hoped the police as soon as possible to find evidence of crimes, will Wang Mousheng methods ,so she can rest assured that destroyed the belly of the child .
Then ,according to the United States to provide telephone reporter ,Wang mobile phone call many times ,but has been in a shutdown state .As of press time ,Louboutin Shoes,the other mobile phone still is shutdown .
The man says is bilateral and freewill, further police investigation in January 11th, a reporter from the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau Longhua understands, the man Wang is a Haikou company general manager ,Jiangsu ,nearly 50 years old ,his wife and daughter were not in Haikou .
When the police found him, he admits that night and you had sex, but he deny by oath his behavior is raped ,that he and the United States are voluntary relationship .The police was the police officer says, the police has accepted the case ,the police also took us to go to the hospital to do the inspection ,but the hospital called the time too long, do not .
Subsequently, the police find Wang parties in questioning ,questioning process ,the police could not find direct evidence of rape is Wang mei .Due to the time already in the past four months ,the police also need further forensic investigation ,Christian Louboutin USA,will fully to conduct tracking .
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Two men wounded brother rob a taxi

Report of our newspaper Cangzhou (reporter Dai Qing) on January 30th afternoon, Cangzhou city taxi drivers Master Li in the family will be accompanied by a bright red banner, to the Botou Municipal Public Security Bureau police squadron of three police hands.
The original twelve twenty, January 21st, Master Li according to the requirements of passengers,Louboutin Shoes, drove to Botou city town of Confucious'temple, on the car two men following cars pass by, with steel tube will master Li wounded,Louboutin Outlet, then fled the scene robbing a taxi.
After the Botou Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Liaoning police in Tieling joint investigation, case 10 days solved successfully.Master Li memories, in January 21st 11 when make, he drove to the city of Cangzhou Jiefang Road North China three door, met two men ready to ride.
Two people on the Li master car, to Botou city town.On the way, two people requested Master Li to Botou city town of Confucious'temple.Twelve twenty am, Master Li drove to Confucious'Temple Town Road on the way, on the car two men put forward to want to get off easy.
"The young man to the car, I was looking back to another person how not to get on the bus, my door open suddenly."Master Li said, the man pulled out a mid-30s half meters long steel tube,Christian Louboutin Outlet, holding the northeastern accent threatened "".
Master Li helpless on the car nearly 500 yuan in cash and mobile phone to each other.Subsequently, two of Master Li had been beaten, Master Li resist however, off fled the scene.Subsequently,Christian Louboutin Outlet,christian louboutin uk, two men driving taxi run away quickly.
Subsequently, Master Li with the help of the police, the Botou Municipal Public Security Bureau police investigation of three squadron.January 29th morning, Master Li received the Botou Municipal Public Security Bureau police squadron of three call, tell him to identify the suspect.
"I'm in the afternoon arrived in Botou, a fax on photos, when rob my two boys,Christian Louboutin USA,christian louboutin pas cher, a 22 year old from Cangxian, is a 36 years old people in Shenyang."Master Li said.Subsequently, Liaoning Tieling police captures two suspects.
"Big have the Spring Festival, the police were working overtime to carry out investigation work, for their professionalism,christian louboutin shoes, I, also very grateful to."Master Li said.To share: welcome to comment I want
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The company took the 200 man of more than 10 million yuan after

In March 7th, Guangdong Province Zhongshan metropolis nearly 200 aged astonishment found himself cheated: Guangzhou Vienna Golf Services Limited Zhongshan branch of folk suddenly "collective evaporation"age folk namely the gang take cash alternatively of more than 10 million yuan.
Tell the babies not to invest money to let them surprise was formed within September last yearly Guangzhou Vienna Golf Services Limited Zhongshan branch is registered amid local industrial plus dissemination division is responsible for Zhong Qihua,christian louboutin shoes, its products have investment recommending content.
In the interest of 2.5% investment contract appeared on the official person is the Zhong Qihua.The company's bookkeeper"make people the corporation is developing amid Guangzhou Huadu hills.But to participate in the investment.
Don't acquaint the children apt obtain money to give young folk a surprise.The age people are aboard a bonus" attraction,Christian Louboutin Outlet,but until 2 by the annihilate of the month has additionally apt acquire bonus,to be cautious yet it was likewise late: in March 7th,christian louboutin pas cher, the corporation always the folk fled their rented Zhongshan Ken division store 19 wafers and even fails apt disburse two months hire plus utilities.
According apt the latest newspaper from the police,for the evening of nine had two pretence suspects arrested many still ambitioned.The approach namely never sagacious age men have taken over the same duration last anniversary to be built amid Zhuhai international stage endowment base assign"China Petroleum Guangzhou representative office of people within Guangzhou for more than 100 Claus set the same financing deceit.
The sufferer was sixty alternatively seventy years of old and older.At that time apt have fooled the old male said,Louboutin Shoes,along to incomplete statistics,among the case of suspected deceit totaling 9945000 yuan.They cheated because it namely the "body" of Jactitation can ensure that the old folk 23% apt 28% years of gains.
We have the incidence of such financing deceit actually set bureau person form is never wise age folk are constantly fooled the opener namely to be called high or high returns also especially while set bureau person within the early days of really paid off,speed up old people mistakenly believe that the way apt find and appreciation of assets quantity even as apt persuade other aged into the Bureau.
That the elder children never involved surrounded illegal fund-raising activities, reporter notes,occurred among Yunnan assume forest financing mendacity the regional police have been advised by the middling.But from the metropolis is still prevalent such cases,within order to fundamentally discourage such let age people cheated cases,must sound the agitate alarm.
"Often the aged living alone do never have to read the newspaper,merely many people hear apt the radio, watch TV.Should have more surrounded this type of medium to remind folk not apt be lofty return plus hazard free publicity commitments.
Their children also to old people doing more concern, be in usually exhorted folk apt lift vigilance,titillate hear to only one side of unknown origin elders never hearsay,not to participate within assorted forms of illegal fund-raising activities.
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Tuesday, 22-May-2012 22:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Men rape hostess caught argued that the woman is voluntary

Morning paper realize correspondent He Xin) man tension (a pseudonym) longing hostesses home regardless of the appal forced a sexual relationship with.Recently, the men informed of rape, was Changping's Procuratorate approved the capture.
Last winter,christian louboutin shoes, tension and a friend went apt a Changping District cabaret singing,Christian Louboutin Outlet, everyone find a hostess.Tension to drink for one forgive let the hostess to bring him back to linger.Entering the house, tension namely presented assuming prerequisite was a hostess refused, and out of the house apt lend pass by male mobile phone agitate.
Tension it back into the house, the hostess of rape.Subsequently, the police rushed apt the scene apt tension back apt the police station.In the face of police interrogation,Louboutin Shoes, tension for yourself: "she is a voluntary, afterwards she ask me because money apt come,christian louboutin pas cher, this namely simply not rape.
"But the police investigation, has finally confirmed namely the tension aboard suspicion of rape guilt.A few days antecedent tension has been a Changping police caught.To share: salute apt annotate I paucity to comment
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